Q & A

Q: How much does it cost to rent a limousine?

A: At Epic, we are proud to inform our customers— our rental prices vary contingent upon location, vehicle selection, the occasion, and amount of time required for rental. Time of year can affect pricing, as we are all aware transportation service demands are greatest during Prom and Wedding seasons. Due to demand and limitation of resources —prices can increase. —The best way to alleviate price changes is to reserve your transportation in advance by providing a deposit and locking in prices.

Q: If I reserve transportation to and from an event, do I have to pay while the event is taking place?

A: Yes and the reason is while you are not in the vehicle physically it is your luxury rental throughout the allotted time line. If you lease from Epic and intend to leave items in the transportaion while attending a play or ceremony or may decide to leave early, our chauffeur is timing is lengthy— - we can arrange a drop-off and pick-up; however, in these instances items cannot be left in the the transportation and leaving early or changing plans is not an option. This can be an inconvenience, as it reduces the level of flexibility.

Q: Should I get a signed contract?

A: At Epic, we advise our customers —whether they use our services or not —to request a signed contract. We provide all of our clients with signed contracts representing the type of vehicle, any package details, length of rentals, rates, any overtime fees, tax breakdown and chauffeur benefit. A sighed agreement aids our customers and Epic by ensuring we have addressed all of our client’s needs and removes any service support doubt.

Q: Should I tip my chauffeur?

A: Our drivers are top shelf with excellent driver credentials. At Epic Sedans, we charge the chauffeur’s tip as part of your rental quote. We have found pricing with the tips included alleviates post -— ride confusion and frees our customer to use their "“event day or evening"” funds with a focus on the occasion rather than your transportaion. We classically include a 20% gratuity with the agreement for or chauffeurs. It is up to our customer if they include and additional gratuity at the time of the event apart from the agreement terms and conditions. We hear our clients are so happy they often gift a more gratuity post - —transport; however, this is not anticipated and does not affect driver professionalism.